Binary Blacksmith

At Binaryblacksmith We: 

  • Specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses have positive experiences with technology
  • Build user driven websites, applications, and technology based solutions
  • Consult on technology best practices and implementation strategies 
  • Help you make technology choices that make sense for your organization
  • Are highly skilled technologists, developers and designers
  • Use the best tools, practices and techniques for your organization
  • Maintain an old fashioned sense of pride in our work

At Binary Blacksmith We:

  • Excel at providing a transparent development experience with your company's needs at the center
  • Work in an organized and modular fashion so you don't have to guess at the progress of your project
  • Deliver all key project points before work begins to help maintain the scale and scope of your project
  • Utilize modern project management techniques to ensure that your projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Stick to our quotes -- we draw from years of experience to give strong, accurate quotes up front and we honor them.
  • Believe the the cost of a project should never change, unless the project changes.


CMS (Content Management Systems)

We have been building websites since the 1990's and programming computers for a decade before that and we often recommend using a CMS? Why you ask?

Great Question!

Our goal is to empower you to make the most of your web experience. A good CMS will:

  • Speed up site development
  • Have thousands of features ready-made and waiting for implementation
  • Give you access to manage your own content
  • Make you a member of a large support community
  • Constantly be tested and regularly updated by a dedicated community of developers
  • Be a great way to start building your new site


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM can be the life blood of any small business. A good CRM install can help you:

  • Automate participation tracking
  • Identify the best way to allocate your marketing and sales resources
  • Track which clients are most active
  • Show which sales leads are most viable
  • Reach your clients in ways that benefits both you and them

Our approach is to configure a CMS for you based solely on your needs.  We offer many features and work with you to determine which ones would be best for your business and budget.

Everyone is probably telling you to move to the cloud. We're already there. Our cloud based hosting follows the latest safety and security compliances with 99.9% up time, and we take it a step further using CloudFlare for all of our DNS needs. CloudFlare helps protect your website site from a number of threats including spam and denial of service attacks, all while increasing your site's speed and availability. Ask us about the cloudFlare advantage

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